Discipleship, Service &  Fellowship

We believe that to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ one must first study his teachings.


Here at Trinity the majority of our members attend a weekly Bible Study. We have both formal and informal programs that are often led by lay leaders.


We welcome ideas and leadership from new members and believe that our Christian education programs must always be works in progress.


Sunday sermons are Biblically based and our Pastor feels strongly that each sermon must be a learning experience for all.


We also stress that true disciples of Jesus not only study his teachings they live his teachings. As a family of faith we strive to live our lives in a way that would be pleasing to God





Here at Trinity there are many opportunities to put your spiritual gifts to work! From serving as an usher, singing in the choir, teaching a class or volunteering for a church project, there are many meaningful ways that you can serve the Lord.


We house a Dyslexia Education Center in our facility; we support Cans for Kids; we have a food ministry for the children, just to name a few.


Our Deacons have a care ministry for our friends-at-home and we are always open to ideas that uncover new ways to serve Christ by serving the community!

The Trinity family seeks to

provide opportunities for

Christian fellowship that

encourage members, friends,

and guests to get to know one another better and form relationships grounded in Christ.


These often include events like covered dish suppers,

coffee hour prior to worship,

picnics, neighborhood small groups, a Christmas Banquet, and other special events.


The Trinity family enjoys getting together and we are nourished through fellowship.